This is the world’s first high-resolution HD video of the planet taken from space, and it’s visually amazing (change the quality to 1080p to see it in full-resolution):

But also maybe kind of a little alarming? Skybox Imaging, which took the video, assures us all that the applications are benevolent and the resolution isn’t high enough for them to watch you get undressed:

The resolution is high enough to view objects like shipping containers that impact the global economy while maintaining a level of clarity that does not determine human activity … The business applications for satellite imagery and now, dynamic satellite video, are innumerable – ranging from supply chain monitoring to maritime awareness, industrial plant activity monitoring to environmental and humanitarian relief monitoring. 

However, we’ve seen Real Genius and you know we’re thinking about this:

And this:

Although actually, that second one doesn’t seem so bad — maybe we can get the satellite to make us some popcorn to eat while we watch the awesome HD satellite video.