Hi, Cian Ciarán, we like you.

First of all, you are a member of the band Super Furry Animals. How could we not feel warmly towards a band called Super Furry Animals? Impossible. And, on top of that, you’re staging a PR stunt that involves going 219 feet up in the air, to the top of a wind turbine, and playing music for an hour in support of renewable energy. How could we not love a PR stunt that involved hanging out on top of a wind turbine? That’s maybe even harder.

Here’s what you told the Guardian about why you’re pulling this stunt, which is also a protest of nuclear power:

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To proponents of nuclear power who argue it is an important low-carbon energy source, such as energy secretary, Ed Davey, who helped overturn the Liberal Democrats’ opposition to nuclear power at its conference earlier this month, he said: “We have a myth that nuclear power is green. It is bullshit in my opinion. You have to mine the uranium, enrich it, get it here, not to mention all the concrete that goes into building it [the reactor]. It is by no means green.”

That’s a pretty good point. We’re generally of the opinion that “nuclear power is fine, or at least meh,” but that wind power is good and more than meh. And you know, we’re down with protest rock! It makes us feel 14 again.

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