No YOU’RE totally sniffling over this video of Sweety, a blind cow rescued from a slaughterhouse in Canada, meeting fellow rescued cow Tricia and becoming the best of bovine bosom buddies:

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Eight-year-old Sweety, who also has a hoof infection, was saved from slaughter in Ontario and shipped to New York’s Farm Sanctuary as a companion for Tricia, a 12-year-old blind cow who’s been blind since birth. Cows are herd animals and get lonely easily, and Tricia had lost her last companion a year ago.

Luckily, Sweety and Tricia hit it off instantly, first mooing at each other from their stalls and then bumping noses and nuzzling when they got to meet. Before long, they were eating and sleeping together, and Tricia (who’s more experienced in being blind) was guiding Sweety around obstacles. And suddenly, we were also having a hard time seeing clearly. Must be something in our eyes.

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