If you’re too cool for I Heart NY apparel, but are still brimming with city pride, may we suggested this scarf? It might look like a mess of orange and purple, but it’s actually a map of New York City:

This scarf is part of a line called Cityzen by Azin. There are dresses and bags, too, and maps of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, Dhaka, Bangkok, Tokyo, Cairo, Tehran, and Baltimore. Here’s Chicago:


Cityzen by Azin

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The colors are location-centric, too, FastCoExist writes:

“In Tehran, it’s more or less the colors of the desert and colors of the mountains. London is lush and green, so we exaggerated the greens,” explains [designer Azin] Valy. “With New York, I wanted it to have the sepia and golden colors of the ’30s and the ’40s — the old photos of New York that I love.”

It brings new meaning to wearing your metropolitan pride on your sleeve.

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