We weren’t aware people wore backpacks unless they were stuck in the ’90s or high school (WHICH IS WORSE?!?), but apparently somebody does, because Daniel Eckler has designed the perfect backpack for them. You may see a nondescript beige bag below, but it’s actually The Backpack To End All Backpacks:


Eckler doesn’t just have an unusually large collection of school supplies. He and sustainable apparel firm Mijlo created the backpack in protest of fast fashion and how quickly we cycle an endless parade of STUFF through our closets. The bag is designed to go with everything (OK, except your tux or scuba gear) and outlast changing fads. A $32.50 donation on Kickstarter gets you your very own.

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Although the materials aren’t particularly green (100 percent cotton canvas), the backpack was thoughtfully designed, with a padded laptop compartment and metal instead of plastic hardware. Plus, Mijlo will recycle the bag and give you a 10 percent discount on a new one, if for some reason you stop using it before your natural death.


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We don’t think “timeless” has to mean “boring,” so here’s hoping they add a hot pink option to the beige, brown, and navy ones soon. Pretty sure we’re not going to get tired of hot pink between now and the grave.