Despite 30 Rock’s jokes about GE, the appliance company isn’t completely ass-backwards. Case in point: GE just created an air conditioner that’s pretty, almost affordable ($300), and not a huge energy hog. Oh yeah, and you can control it with your smartphone!


The smart A/C unit, Aros, is a partnership with Quirky, the site that helps make your harebrained invention ideas come to life. (In this case, former DOE employee Garthen Leslie suggested it.) A quick six months later, Aros is practically ready (it starts shipping in May). Gizmodo has some tech specs:

GE and Quirky have built a conventional in-window a/c that can cool up to 350 square feet with 8,000 BTU. They’ve added some nice detailing, too, like upward airflow, three cooling and fan modes, insulating fabric panels, and a sleek front-facing paneling.

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It’s not Energy Star­-rated because it was rushed through development, but it promises to help you save energy by learning your schedule, a la Nest. Rather than leaving the A/C on all day while you’re at work so you don’t come home to hell, you can program Aros to start cooling your place down when you’re leaving work.

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Aros’ app Wink also charts your daily energy use and helps you stick within a budget. It’s not the Pocket Microwave, but we think Jack Donaghy would approve.