“Crazy rhubarb lady” went viral over the past week, but I’d never heard of it until Conan parodied it. (When that happens, the Double Rainbow guy comes in and gives you 40 lashes.) In case you too are feeling out of touch, here’s the original, in which a bewigged Iowa lady stealing rhubarb goes berserk when confronted:


Wow. Four minutes has never felt so long. What’s going ON? Is she making a really important jam? Is her potassium dangerously low?

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Thankfully Conan’s version is shorter (and funnier):


It’s basically a reenactment of the “That caviar is a GARNISH!” scene from You’ve Got Mail (anyone?), which means Conan is Meg Ryan (same hair; whatever).

I mean, it’d be understandable if this irate lady were swiping the rhubarb from a community garden or something, or if she hadn’t, you know, GOTTEN VERBALLY ABUSIVE. But to just snatch your neighbor’s rhubarb? Shit is wack.

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