If “shit or get off the pot” comes to mind when pondering your long-term relationship, a wedding dress made of toilet paper might be strangely fitting. Or at least a new way to win $2,000, which is apparently what the 1,000-plus entrants into the eighth annual TP wedding gown contest were thinking. (Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.) These wedding dresses will look great with your flower girl’s bread bag tie gown and your maid of honor’s condom frock.

Entrants to Cheap Chic Weddings’ contest got REALLY into it. Whereas I might just go mummy-style, there are poofs and tufts and doo-dahs galore (yes, those are technical terms). But all of these furbelows were made only of toilet paper, tape, glue, and thread:

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Perfect for a "Bridesmaids"-type situation.

Cheap Chic WeddingsPerfect for a Bridesmaids-type situation.

What’s that? You’re looking for a toilet paper kimono?

Oh, did you want a hat too? Sure thing:


Cheap Chic Weddings

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Not even TP wedding dresses escape the steampunk treatment:



These bog roll frocks don’t really qualify as “recycled” — at least, we fucking hope they don’t. But they’re proof of how far a little ingenuity can take you. Maybe the next contest can involve making gowns out of discarded newspaper, or holiday gift wrap, or takeout containers. A takeout container tux might go quite well with a TP dress, in more ways than one.