Here’s a good way to fuck up your iPad screen: Show a penguin “Game for Cats,” an iPad app that shows a little mouse running around the screen for the amusement torture of your furry friend roommate. Turns out this is not a cat-only entertainment — penguins will happily jab their little beaks into your high-end technology. And considering that touch screens are not exactly optimized for seabird use, they’re pretty good at it. Newsom the penguin racked up 1,600 points.


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Apparently this was all dreamed up by the folks at Aquarium of the Pacific as a way to give adolescent male penguins a consolation prize for not having sex:

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With the coming of spring a mature penguin’s thoughts turn to finding a mate. The pairing of birds has already started in the June Keyes Penguin Exhibit. But what of the young penguins like Newsom and Jeremy. Still too young to think about mating and with most of the other penguins busy trying to impress the opposite sex these young birds are feeling a bit left out of all the excitement.

So basically penguins are just like cats AND people!