This is probably the first river-related PSA that’ll actually crack you up. Golden fox Robert Redford (he’s more tawny than silver) just wanted to tell you about Raise the River, a campaign to restore the Colorado River. But of course Will Ferrell had to go and interrupt with his OWN campaign, Move the Ocean. “Do we REALLY need more river? I mean, hell, we’ve got plenty of ocean. Let’s move IT.”

Watch and laugh, my friend:

Raise the River would help restore the Colorado River Delta and 2,300 acres of marsh and forest, promising to create local jobs along the way. Currently, the river’s health is covered by Minute 319, a U.S.-Mexico agreement that lets the two nations manage water shortages and surpluses. But that measure was designed to last through 2017, and Raise the River aims to raise a river of cash (sorry) to make sure there’s a long-term solution.

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Even if you don’t care about the Colorado River — but hopefully you do — there’s nothing like watching Robert Redford tell Will Ferrell, “Seek help soon, Will. You need it.”

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