On average, in America, it takes a person 25.4 minutes to get to work. But averages elide so much wonderful, painful information about location and the burden of commuting. Information that this map, put together by WNYC, lets you explore in agonizing detail:

[protected-iframe id=”c0ee7613e31a1c3cb1ca3044bcffe057-5104299-30178935″ info=”http://project.wnyc.org/commute-times-us/embed.html?layer=0#10.00/40.7560/-73.8812″ width=”100%” height=”470″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

io9 warns that “if you’re into this kind of thing, this map can be a bit of a rabbit hole.” So, uh, you can imagine what we’ve been doing for the past [REDACTED] minutes.

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Just looking at the great New York area, you can see how being rich and living in Manhattan puts a commuter in a rarified world of easy, pleasant mornings and evenings. Even moving out to Brooklyn, though, makes a worker’s life much more difficult. And then, weirdly, places like Morristown (rich) and Paterson (less rich) exist in these little bubbles of relatively sane commutes.

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And what’s going on out in Nevada, where there’s one zip code with an 89-minute average commute?

OK, we’re done. (That’s a lie. We’re going to be lucky if we post anything else all day.)