Photo by Andy Collett.

After his wife Janet died in 1995, British farmer Winston Howes began planting trees in her memory. Seventeen years and 6,000 oak trees later, Howes has a six-acre field with a perfect heart-shaped cutout, pointing in the direction of Janet’s hometown. If that’s not the sweetest damn tribute you ever saw, then screw you.

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The heart clearing was a secret until balloonist Andy Collett flew over the field, because apparently the U.K. is a steampunk paradise where people jaunt around in their airships. Collett took pictures with his camera, which undoubtedly looked like this, and now Howes’ secret is out. But we kind of have a feeling Janet wouldn’t mind everyone knowing about her arboreal memorial. It’s like posting those flowers your boyfriend sent you on Instagram, times a billion.

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