Tanya Fields is a Bronx food-justice advocate who has come into possession of a used school bus that she wants to use to bring produce to underserved communities. It already runs on vegetable oil, but it needs a new transmission. And shelves to store fresh veggies. And solar panels to provide energy for cooling and heating. And blenders to make smoothies for vegetable-wary kids. So she’s working to raise $15,000 online to make this a reality. If you donate $50 you can get a banana cream cake!

The grand plan is to create a moving feast of good veggies for a neighborhood that lacks them. DNAinfo reports:

She and her partners want to transport fresh produce from a sustainable upstate farm to the South Bronx, where they’ll sell it on street corners, all the while educating residents about the food system and providing solid jobs.

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And, just to make sure no one confuses this for any old farm stand, the “Veggie Mobile Market” will operate out of a playfully painted former school bus that runs on vegetable oil.

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What’s great about this project is that Fields is from the Bronx, living in the same areas she wants to serve. So she knows exactly what challenges she’ll face — which are not really problems of supply, but quality. The South Bronx has produce — Hunts Point, where Fields lives, is home to a distribution center — but the stuff for sale to locals is often moldy or bad. Fields told DNAinfo:

I don’t consider it a food desert … it’s a food swamp. There’s a lot of food here — it’s just not very good.

The food bus, though, will make it into a food paradise! Or at least a food normal place where the produce isn’t rotten as soon as you bring it home from the store.

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