Boxer, Kerry, and supporters at rally for climate billBarbara Boxer (at podium) and John Kerry (tall guy in blue tie) introduce their climate bill.Photo: Sierra ClubThe Senate moves into its last day of hearings on the climate bill that Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) introduced on Sept. 30.

The Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, chaired by Boxer, has been hearing from a wonk-studded cast of witnesses.  Watch the final day of testimony  via webcast on the comittee website, starting at 9:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 29.  A few names and highlights to keep an eye out for:


Expect a “rah-rah climate bill!” day, as the only scheduled speakers are all in favor of strong climate legislation.

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  • John Kerry will kick things off.
  • Obama admin folks will chime in with their perspectives:
      • Energy Secretary Steven Chu
      • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood
      • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
      • EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
      • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair Jon Wellinghoff


A hodgepodge of biz-group representatives, enviro leaders, think-tankers, and utility execs will speak on four panels: Jobs and Economic Opportunities, National Security, Utilities, and Adaptation.

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  • Dan Reicher, Google’s director of climate and energy initiatives, will be on the jobs panel.
  • Former Republican Sen. John Warner — cosponsor of last year’s Lieberman-Warner climate bill — will join a number of military types on a “National Security” panel.


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More biz types, green types, labor types, and think-tankers (from both the right and the left) will speak on panels about Moving to a Clean Energy Economy, Transportation, and Actions in Other Countries. Expect to hear some voices that aren’t very excited about strong climate action.

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As things get rolling on climate legislation in the Senate, do you know where your senators stand?  Ask them (here’s a sample letter), then tell us what you find out.