The problem here is the white stuff in the sky, not the white things on the ground.

Last night, fresh off a day crackling with one diplomatic success after another, Mitt Romney attended a fundraiser and said this:

“The EPA has an important responsibility, and that is to keep clean and make more clean our air and our water. … My view is that the EPA, if it keeps to its mission and does not use its power to foster or further an anti-carbon energy agenda, would be a more effective department,” Romney told the crowd when asked about the agency. “I believe the EPA has to see itself as being responsible for our air and water and not take action which can prevent us from taking advantage of the extraordinary energy resources we have, such as coal, oil, natural gas.

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Emphasis added.

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Romney’s absolutely correct. I mean, this is basically how doctors treat illnesses. You do absolutely nothing preventative nor even to treat the illness itself. All you do is clean up after symptoms. It’s why all the best medical schools specialize in the proper use of vomit buckets and Band-Aid application.

We expect him to shortly announce his strategy for addressing climate change: Once the world is 20 degrees warmer and re-stabilized after the tumultuous adaptation period, we should give everyone up to three (3) bottled waters a day.

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