In the United States, presidential elections get all the attention (especially when reality TV stars are topping national tickets). Regrettably, that means they also tend to dictate which issues hog the spotlight — and sustainability too often gets the shaft.

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At Grist, we know that what politicians tussle about on TV and Twitter isn’t what truly makes a difference in our lives. For climate hawks in particular, it feels like we’re at a crucial juncture, especially after all the slow but steady progress of the past few years. Change is needed at all levels of government, from city halls to the halls of Congress.

So this campaign season, we’re cutting through the chaos to offer you an election guide that makes sense. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

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  • Important perspective from our expert voices on the issues that aren’t being talked about, but should be. We’ll help you understand what’s truly at stake — on food, cities, justice, cleantech, and climate — and what you should demand from your candidates.
  • Green-tinted analysis of what’s happening in the pivotal races and why it matters. Our writers have done a great job so far this year cutting through the noise of horse-race coverage and keeping eco-minded voters informed, and we won’t stop now.
  • Highlights (and lowlights) from the Republican and Democratic national conventions and upcoming presidential debates. Ace reporters Ben Adler and Rebecca Leber will cover the Dems in Philly next week, but we’re following the action in Cleveland from afar. The GOP didn’t want us there.

  • Explainers and guides on the importance of down-ballot races, why environmental voters don’t make it to the polls (but need to), and what’s happening in important congressional, state, and even local contests that could affect us all.
  • The occasional election-related scoop (like this one).

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Let’s make America green again!