The Pacific Ocean’s Pole of Inaccessibility, aka Point Nemo, is 1,670 miles from the nearest land. It’s the furthest you can get from terrestrial lifeforms without launching yourself into space.

It wasn’t easy to figure out where this point is on Earth’s surface, given the squiggly nature of all the world’s coastlines. But now it gets a watermark on Google Maps (although you can’t just look up “Point Nemo” to find it — the closest you get is Nemo Point in Arkansas).

If someone dropped you at Point Nemo, your nearest rescue would be one of three tiny, uninhabited outcroppings of rock, each more than 1,600 miles away. So, you know, good luck with that.

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There are no cruises to Point Nemo, because there’s nothing there, but if you want to truly “get away from it all” this summer, you can hardly do better.

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