It may have been your least favorite subject in school, but science is at the core of everything we do here at Grist. Sure, sometimes we write about shrimp treadmills — but it is all in service of the fact that climate change is nothing without climate science.

So instead of plugging our ears and humming to drown out the parts that are confusing, contentious, or just plain boring, we are digging into the hard stuff — and finding ways to make all those parts per millions and degrees Cs interesting and approachable for you, our cherished audience. Whether that means giving you the straight talk on the latest climate study or explaining the weirder, wilder, quasi-sci-fi science of human engineering, we’re here for you. Plus, you know you can always count on us for the latest science on adorable animal friendships or talking whales.

More science, please!

There’s a lot we still have to tell you about. Coming up, we’ll take a hard look at the social science behind how climate change messages are delivered and received — why do we believe what we believe (or don’t believe)? How do our beliefs turn into action (or inaction)? The psychology of climate change can be as baffling and complicated as the chemistry of clouds, and might have just as much to do with how we turn this sinking iceberg around.

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And of course, we’ll keep tackling all the old standbys. We’ll keep digging into the science of drought, from its cultural history to its conceivable future. We’ll keep diving deep on oceans — and all the ways the seas play a role in our lives, from the carbon cycle to food security. We’ll keep introducing you to the wacky and wonderful people who dedicate their lives to Finding Stuff Out for the greater good. And we’ll keep bringing you the hard science, from the genetic echoes of air pollution to the pragmatic idealism of climate models (no, not that kind of model).

But here’s one science fact I know for sure: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Which is unfortunate, because as a small nonprofit media company, we sure could use a money-orchard. Until scientists get around to figuring that out for us, we rely on the generosity and gratitude of readers like you. If we’re going to keep doing our thing, we’re going to need you to do yours and donate to Grist.

We’ll thank you for it, and the planet will, too. (I know, I know, planets can’t talk. But you know what I mean.)


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