Absolut greenwashing?

In a partnership with Live Earth (yes, they’re still doing stuff), Absolut Vodka has launched a Global Cooling campaign that "encourages consumers to reduce the effects of global warming by offering simple steps they can implement in their daily lives."

As part of the campaign, Absolut is sponsoring the Live Earth Film Series, a collection of short films that will make the rounds at various film festivals this year — starting with Sundance this weekend.

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Absolut will also be donating up to $500,000 to three charities — the Environmental Media Association, The Ocean Foundation, and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation — when consumers redeem "cooling codes" from Absolut products. (Dunno about you, but that’s about the last thing I’d be thinking about after downing a few shots.)

The vodka company is also touting its eco-efforts, which include carbon offsets, eco-friendly packaging and ingredients, and reduced water consumption.

I’m all for toasting green companies (especially booze-producing ones), but it’s hard to tell how much of this is sincere and how much is jumping-on-the-trend. Just call me an Absolut skeptic.

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