Business & Technology

Monsanto’s coming up with an alternative to GMOs

The spray-on crop defense is temporary and doesn't permanently alter genetic information.


What should you think about when buying essential oils?

It takes tons of plants to make those little phials of essential oils, so the "how" really matters. Umbra offers a guide for the oil-concerned.

The Arbiter

What seafood is OK to eat, anyway? Ask an expert

When it comes to sustainable seafood, you could say director of Seafood Watch Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly is the ultimate arbiter of taste.


Can we level the playing field for coffee growers?

Here's the background on direct trade and its effect on coffee farmers.

Climate & Energy

The Midwest’s corn fields are even worse for the planet than we thought

The Corn Belt's fertilizer habit releases a greenhouse gas with nearly 300 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide.

The Fisherman

What’s it like to be at home on the ocean? Ask a fisherman

Tele Aadsen fishes for salmon in southeast Alaska, which means she is up close and personal with the sea every day.


Putin bulldozes tons of perfectly good (and illegal) cheese

The Russian president shows distaste for illegal imports, despite hard times for hungry Russians. Meanwhile, folks are probably wondering what's in Mr. Putin's fridge.

spoiler alert!

A huge, toxic algae bloom is basically eating the West Coast alive

That toxic algae bloom off the West Coast is bigger and badder than we thought -- and its messing with your seafood.


Instead of composting old fruit, these students want to powder it

Fopo Powders pulverizes expired food into produce powders, which are like the nutritious distant relatives of PixyStix.