The scariest horror movies end with a hint that the killer or monster, though defeated, isn't dead and will rise again. With tropical storms sweeping through the Gulf, coastal residents are finding that zombie residues of the BP oil spill are coming out of their lairs to re-terrorize beach-goers, boaters, and the fishing industry. Tides hustled up by tropical storms are bringing oily residues, tar mats, and tar balls onto the beach. It's as bad as it sounds. Check out these pictures that NRDC collected — if you want to brave the sight of oozy, giant, black tar creatures. NRDC also points out that crabbers and other people who make their living on the ocean had been noticing lingering consequences of the oil spill even before the storms. One crabber wrote that she hasn't been able to find crabs and that when she does, they’re terrifying:

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The ones that are [here] look as if they have been crawling on a Tar road with black all over the bottoms of them. When ya cook them they stink. When ya eat them after about 3 they leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

If only this were just a horror movie.

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