So you think you’ve got the chops to produce a television commercial after making your own Chevy Tahoe ad? Well, let’s see how well you do when you have to shoot and edit it yourself! Still up to the challenge? If so, head on over to Current TV where they’re seeking submissions for viewer-created ads for the Toyota Yaris.

What would you do with your Yaris? Now, you don’t have to own a Yaris to take on this project. Just make a V-Cam commercial about what you would do with your Toyota Yaris. The operative word here is “you.” Make it personal, engaging and compelling. Where would you go? Who would you take? What would you take with you? Whatever you do, have fun and let your freak-flag-fly. There. Now go make something.

Now, before you get all subversive, check this out: the Yaris supposedly gets up to 40 mpg on the highway, according to the Toyota website. Oh yeah, if your piece airs, you earn $1,000.

If you’d rather watch than create, Current has added several new enviro pieces to their Earth pod:

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  • Bio Diesel Love: Are bio fuels the wave of the future or just a bizarre fad that will fizzle out? Take a look at some people who run their vehicles on 100% vegetable oil — from a farm in Colorado, to the deserts of New Mexico, to the owner of a new business in LA who converts cars to run on fast food leftovers.
  • Beyond Green: Reno does more than just take your green. Head to Idlewild Park for Earth Day.
  • From Tree to Sea: With a nod to helping out the planet, these guys in Maine make surfboards the old fashioned way — out of wood.
  • Ecycling: Do more than hug a tree this Earth Day. Go get involved!

Sadly, these are not available online yet.

But this is: Over in the Google Current pod, there’s an interview with Graham Hill and Nick Aster of Treehugger. I’m sure Grist‘s invite to appear on the show is in the mail. (Hello! I’ve only been blogging about Current TV for months. Treehugger: Zilch.)

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