From slimeburgers to oily oysters and salmonella-tainted eggs, 2010 kept dishing up yucky food news like a lunch lady gone postal. In case you’ve forgotten — put down that Four Loko, now! — we’ve rounded up the year’s 10 biggest scandals and travesties, including the very latest exposé from the Humane Society’s undercover investigators.

So tell us: Which of these were you most afraid to put in your mouth this year? Vote for the scariest — or click through the slideshow for explanations of our fears.

Cracked eggEggs
This past August, half a billion eggs potentially tainted with salmonella invaded American kitchens. If you weren’t among the estimated 2,000 people who got sick, there was other stuff to scare you: check out what horrors the FDA found when it finally got around to inspecting those factories, and consider that the chick magnate behind the recall had already established himself as a “habitual violator” of environmental, labor, and animal-welfare good practices … and is still probably the largest U.S. producer of eggs.

Update: The results are in:

What were you most afraid to put in your mouth this year?