Your sports roundup for the week:

golfballGolf: Golf’s reputation is far from green — but tee-ers are trying their darnedest to move in a green direction. That includes Augusta National Golf Course, current host of the Masters tournament. The club is not on the list of some 300 courses that have received a stamp of approval from Audubon International (thanks in part to notorious privacy), but it has taken significant steps toward being more sustainable (thanks in part to notorious deep pockets): It has stopped putting dye in its ponds, monitors the weather and adjusts maintenance accordingly, and has taken steps to reduce pesticide and water use.

Baseball: Fenway Park, having already declared its aim to deserve its Green Monster moniker, will install a bunch of solar panels. Wanna know how much solar energy is being generated at the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park right this red-hot minute? Done.

Beijing Olympics: The hubbub over pollution in the leadup to the Olympics has been somewhat obscured by the hubbub over Tibet. But to bring you back to pollution for a moment: Marathoner Paula Radcliffe says reports that she’s concerned about air quality in Beijing have been overstated, and that she’s more concerned about heat and humidity.

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