Regeneration RoadTrip 08

It’s been almost three weeks since I left Seattle to meet up with a total stranger and drive across the country in search of hope for a sustainable future.

Well, hope we found — pretty much everywhere we looked. It was like a hope buffet, if you will, and believe you me, we tried to cram as much of it in as we could on our 15-day journey. Which meant that we didn’t end up with a whole lot of extra time for updating y’all with Flickr pics and pretty maps and etc. Our apologies …

In the coming weeks, I plan to reflect a bit more about the trip as a whole, the recurring themes, and what it all means as we look toward the future. For now, I’ll point you to a few goodies: a Flickr site with behind-the-scenes photos, live streaming video archived at our site, and an interactive Google map through which you can retrace our entire journey day by day. Enjoy!

Google map