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A Swiss company has come up with a way for you to turn yucky, bad-for-you soda into delicious water. Yes, this water bottle, which is based on a filter developed by NASA, is so powerful it gets rid of everything in the Coke that makes it Coke, and turns it into plain water. Does that sound too unbelievable to be true? Watch it in action here. (Try not to laugh when it just sounds like someone’s going pee-pee.)

Is that amazing? Think of all that sludgy Cokeness being trapped up there! Not only does this thing have a powerful filter, which the guy shows us very somberly and meticulously, it has an anti-backwash valve on it as well. In case you happen to be sharing your Coke-water with a backwash-obsessed 13-year-old. Or astronaut.

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