Bored with nude cycling antics? One-up those bitches with a cycling suit that makes it look like you’re riding around without your skin. Alternately, this is a good outfit for fans of House Bolton. (Yeah, that’s right, bet you thought I was done with the Game of Thrones references until after March 31, didn’t you? NO SUCH LUCK.)


The MuscleSkinSuit series is the work of Polish designer Tomek Pietek, and it includes not only the full-body nightmare fuel seen above, but also a version with short pants and sleeves (so you can pretend someone flayed mainly your torso) and also arm-warmers and leg-warmers (for the somehow much more plausible scenario where someone excoriated only your extremities). Oh, and there’s a skeleton suit too! It’s certainly more interesting than the usual “neon yellow with brand names” fare, plus it saves you all that tedious mucking around in graveyards.

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