We won’t even pretend this is as exciting as an .xxx domain name, but marking your web presence with your cycling passion is pretty cool too. The new .bike domain is in the pre-registration phase, so you can reserve a digital home for your cycling shop or cross-country trip blog or whatever. (We checked a few names — motor.bike is already taken, and so is town.bike, but if your name is Darryl Bike you can finally have the perfect domain!)

Still giving the ole side-eye? Name.com REALLY wants to convince you (though we notice they’re not called Name.bike):

Bicycles are one of the most ecological, affordable, and efficient transportation methods around, making the biking community an internationally expansive one. .BIKE offers a communal space for this network, providing a virtual hub for selling, fixing, and building bikes; for providing guides to trails, long distance rides, or techniques; or for joining or promoting teams. Collectors, enthusiasts, businesses that cater to cyclists — all have a perfect domain in .BIKE.

After all, if your site ends in .com, people might get confused. Maybe jesseswheels.com refers to a crotchety yet fanciful wheel-maker in Austria! Maybe mooncycle.com is ACTUALLY about menstruation! You just never know. But now you can.

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