Look, down on the ground! It’s an orange mole with no face! It’s a Weeble that says “air” on the side! It’s an M&M with wheels! No, it’s an Airpod — a car that runs on compressed air.

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Certainly it’s weird-looking, and if The Fast and The Furious is your favorite movie, you won’t be too psyched about this car. Also it’s made by the folks at Tata who are just always making these weird tiny cars and it’s like guys, enough already with the tiny cars! But the Airpod has some pretty cool features: It costs less than $1.50 to fill it up, and a tank will take you 125 miles, at top speeds of 43 MPH. Also, by “tank,” I mean a tank of COMPRESSED AIR. It runs on air! We can’t really stress that enough.

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Now what you’re thinking now is, OK, seems cool, but is this for real? Apparently it is. It’s in its second phase of testing. So when can you buy one of these things? In the “near future,” at a cost of about $10,000. Now that we’ve got you excited, here’s the best part: You drive it with a joystick. And if anyone laughs at you, you can just shout out the window, “I spent $1.20 on fuel today. What did you spend?”