I Wish I Said Hello takes the private moments of missed connections and puts them back in the public spaces where they occurred. See that green map marker in the picture above? It represents a wisp of an encounter that someone wishes went further.

The source material for these markers is Craiglist’s Missed Connections pages. As Wired reports:

Lisa Park and Adria Navarro to take these digital love notes and turn them back into physical markers. The pair made oversize stickers based on Missed Connections posts, then affixed them at the exact spot where the missed connection occurred. They document the entire project, called I Wish I Said Hello, online, completing the loop.

The project’s started in Manhattan, but its creators want it to spread far and wide. So do we — we love how it adds a little extra backstory to otherwise unremarkable street corners. There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and now some of them are on stickers!

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