Once in a while a pundit will say something quite revealing without intending to do so. You’d think a newspaper in a state that was recently looking down the barrel of a 72 percent electric rate hike might have beamed onto the fact that power doesn’t come from wishes, and often requires difficult choices:

During a week filled with concerns about protecting the environment comes the alarming news that state officials are considering exploiting one resource to develop another.

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As reported by The Sun‘s Tom Pelton, the O’Malley administration is weighing a request from Pennsylvania developers to lease and clear-cut 400 mountaintop acres in two state forests in Western Maryland so they can erect 100 wind turbines, 40 stories tall, to supply clean power to just 55,000 homes …

"Sput, sput, sput!" they sputter. "The governor’s job is to provide free lunches to all, along with cheap, clean power and no pollution, and above all no trade-offs, ever."

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(I’d say the writer’s implicit statement of belief in free lunches — in having goods and services that magically appear without the need for exploiting anything or anyone — is the real root cause of many of our most vexing environmental problems. But of course discussions about limits and trade-offs isn’t very popular in ad-supported media at any time, particularly around the SaleAbration of the Christ’s Birth Shopping Season that dominates right now.)