The Hill reports on a new poll:

A new poll released Monday shows Americans rank the presidential candidates’ views on energy policy as more important to their 2012 vote than environmental policy.

In the survey from Harris Interactive, 67 percent said a candidate’s environmental policy was either very important or important. Seventy-seven percent surveyed said the same of energy policy.

Not a big surprise, however disappointing. Then there’s this.

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Forty-eight percent of respondents said nuclear power was harmful, to 32 percent who said it was not harmful to the environment. Nuclear power was the lone energy sourced surveyed with a net harmful rating.

For clean coal, 42 percent said it was not harmful, with 34 saying it was damaging to the environment.

With natural gas, 60 percent said it was not harmful, with 23 percent pegging it harmful.

If there is anything stupider than asking for peoples’ opinions on matters of fact — particularly on issues of health and pollution, and particularly if it is on the health impacts of a fake thing like clean coal which defies description much less analysis — please don’t bring it to my attention. I’m barely hanging on to my sanity as it is.

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