1. Knut overload

    Much ado has been made about Al Gordo. But who’s the latest green celeb to pork up? Knut, the polar bear chub. Who would have thought the cuddly li’l guy would grow up? It’s like he’s a wild animal or something.

    Photo: iStockphoto

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  2. Compost and get it

    When we first fell for worm-poop guru Tom Szaky, we had no idea he was such a bad, bad boy. Now he’s in trouble with the law for creating a product identical to MiracleGro (see left) — but he’s not backing down. Swoon.

  3. Hit the John

    Just as Sheryl’s TP-versy unraveled, John Mayer stepped in to announce there’s no room for “squares” — he’d rather wait for the world to change. Seems they’re taking turns embarrassing themselves, much like they did on their fall tour.

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    Photo: sushla via flickr

  4. Play with your food

    What goes better with suicidal animals than zero-kilometer gelati and chimp-friendly coffee? Mmm … stuffed meats. Sweet.

    Photo: sweet-meats.com

  5. Wave reviews

    Get on board with this gnarly biodegradable surf wax that makes sure women stay on top. And speaking of wet women, Jane Seymour’s waxin’ poetic on the global water crisis in Running Dry. Dude, mondo improvement on Jay-Z.

    Photo: iStockphoto