1. Yes, we garbage can

    This week, someone with designs on the future will take the old and broken and turn it shiny and new. We speak, of course, of Nancy Judd. But we’ve got high hopes for that other guy, too.

    Photo: Katie Maccauly

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  2. Spare meow

    Agog at all our fishy friends / That on sharp hooks have bitten, / PETA’s launched a cutesy-boots campaign / Called, yes, “Save the Sea Kitten!” (Read the whole poem.)

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  3. Ice capped yo’ ass

    Climate change solved. Thanks, angry polar bear!

  4. Prius and them

    Hybrids: a study in multiple personality disorder. They’ve been both white and nerdy and a gangsta must-have — now they’re homicidal maniacs and criminal accomplices. And that’s to say nothing of their drivers.

  5. Peppi squad

    Forget ice and snow melting — it’s our hearts we’re worried about, Lil Peppi.