Hey rich people. Grab a cup of that gold-flaked coffee you like so much and have a seat, would you? We need to talk.

So, you’ve heard of global warming, right? Nope? How about climate change? Still nothing? Well, let me bring you up to speed. Climate change is a phenomenon in which greenhouse gases released from your private plane are trapped in the atmosphere and increase the temperature of the planet. Pretty cool, right?? I mean, no one likes to shiver.

Actually, no, it’s not cool at all. It’s hot, and it also a huge problem. There are ways to deal with it, of course, but they require action from industry and government, and, well, convincing those two groups to make changes is about as easy as surfing on Mars … which is where we’re all going to be living if we don’t get this climate thing figured out.

That’s where you come in. According to a new report, the personal fortunes of the richest 782 of you could power Latin America, Africa, and most of Asia with 100 percent renewable energy. That’s half the world!

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“This report is a wake up call for policy makers and governments,” says Sam Cossar-Gilbert of Friends of the Earth International in a press release. “Our world faces two destructive and entwined crises — growing inequality and climate change. The time has come to address them together.”

And that means you need to start doing your part, .00001 percenters. You don’t have to give up your entire fortune to fund a renewable energy revolution. Just like … half? That seems fair, right? Think about it — you’ll still be a billionaire, but at least if we start moving toward renewable energy, there will still be an underclass left to wash your undies and mine your diamonds. Win/win!

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Just consider it, would you? Seven billion of us would be mighty thankful.