Keurig Green Mountain — maker of throwaway coffee pods in myriad tempting flavors — is in the middle of a sales crisis. What was once a seemingly unstoppable single-serve coffee trend due to its ease (just pop in the pod!) and its cleanliness (no messy grounds!) is now wavering. And, honestly, we’re pretty stoked.

Sales are down — negative publicity couldn’t have helped — and Keurig’s new chilled drink machine, the Keurig Kold, hasn’t exactly been a hit, delightful alliteration notwithstanding. Now, Quartz reports, company stocks are down 30 percent from last year’s high. Here’s more from Quartz:

The “Keurig Kold” will cost around $300 or $369 dollars, depending on the retailer—more than expected and much pricier than even the highest-end product from its rival Sodastream, which costs $199.99. 

Even at that price, Keurig will be subsidizing the product and losing money on every machine, hoping to make it back with pod sales.

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The death of an empire is never a pleasant thing to watch — but when that empire’s trash could circle the globe more than 11 times, well, we’re OK with it.

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