Electric vehicles are great and all, but they’re not exactly practical for everyone. Like, how’s a farmer in rural China going to a) afford a pricey green car and b) get enough access to electrical outlets and vehicle charging stations?

Well, if he’s Tang Zhengping from Beijing’s Tangzhou Wanji Yongle Town, he’ll build his own — and it’ll be AWESOME.

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Fifty-five-year-old Zhengping recently constructed a totally emissions-free vehicle powered by wind and solar. The ride — which comes in a lovely shade of robin’s egg blue — is no jalopy, either: It has a range of 90 miles.

His creation, roughly the size of a box-car, is powered by batteries and two sets of electric generators. A large fan installed in the front and a pair of solar panels in the back help supply power by charging either the battery or generator, depending on which isn’t being used at the time. Altogether, the project cost Zhengping the Chinese equivalent of around 1,600 dollars.

Zhengping only needed three months to build this amazeballs vehicle. Hello, GM? We’ve got your next recruit.

Update: This post originally said Zhengping’s car could travel at 90 mph. D’oh! Miles per hour and range are totally different — we’ve corrected the post to show that the electric vehicle has a range of 90 miles.

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