House Republicans voted yesterday to let states decide whether a company is living up to the Clean Water Act or not. The EPA's decision to prevent West Virginia coal companies from dumping waste into rivers prompted the bill to begin with, so it's pretty safe to assume that the bill's not meant to strengthen CWA protections.

The federal government says the cost of carbon is $21 per ton; a group of pro-environment economists says the cost is closer to $900 per ton.

China's feeding its "strategic pork reserve" with soybeans grown in Brazil on environmentally sensitive land.

As Moscow more than doubles in size, it will raze acres of forestland.

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Climate change brings all manner of joys, including deer ticks in the Great Lakes. (In the past, the suckers couldn't survive that far north.)

Capturing carbon from coal-fired power plants is complicated politically and financially, so American Electric Power gave up trying.

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Astroturf works almost sort of the same as a green roof does. It is still green, after all.

Two men who pled guilty to illegal deer hunting have to report to jail for the 90 days of deer-hunting season each of the next four years.