Green jobs might not save the American economy. But they might lead to awesome offshore turbine cities, and isn’t that better? (Well, at least it’s something.)

Gigantic wind turbines need people to maintain them. In its coolest iteration, this means day jobs for rock climbers. But, as turbines move offshore, it also means that people have to head out over the choppy waters to make sure the turbines are running smoothly.

In the future, offshore turbine maintenance jobs might even mean taking months-long shifts out in the ocean, where the turbines do their work. Two architects working in a Bulgarian studio, Greta Dimitrova and Kirli Mandov, imagined what that would look like and came up with the space-pod–like dwelling in the picture above. It’s “more utopian proposal than a feasible solution,” they tell Fast Company. But it’s not a crazy idea. If you lived here, you could even pretend you’re a modern-day Edward Abbey. Heck, we’d live in one of these things for a couple of months. Just don’t make us repair any turbines.

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