If you’ve so far scoffed at all evidence of impending sea-level rise, this may finally change your mind: Apparently, baby animals are now learning how to surf. There is literally no explanation for this that doesn’t involve some kind of instinctual understanding that the world is about to get a lot wetter.

Zorro, the piglet, is maybe not great at it, but at least he’s a strong swimmer, so he won’t be totally washed up (get it?):

These baby seals actually don’t even need a surfboard in order to avoid the worst consequences of rising oceans, but they do look like they’re having fun:


And there’s an entire competition for surfing dogs, clearly put together by somebody who doesn’t understand the sinister implications:


If we’re lucky, one of these animals will take pity on us, and take two of every type of human onto its surfboard when the floods finally come.