Dan Hill and Dave Buonaguidi, British ad guys, noticed something that no one had ever noticed before, namely that young city-dwellers with disposable income — oh, fine, we’ll call them hipsters — like bikes and like coffee. “There’s a clear, often mustachioed, overlap between those who love great coffee and ride fixed-gear bikes to work every morning. We saw that as a brilliant opportunity.”

And so they made a gadget called Gear Grinder. It attaches to a fixie bike frame, connects to the fixed sprocket of the rear wheel, and grinds coffee as you ride.

As cheeky as this is, hey, we love good coffee, and guys with beards, and bikes. At a price of about $575, it doesn’t exactly seem worth it, but maybe you work at a tech startup where everyone has money to burn and coffee to grind and the cute guy next to you will invest in it, make you the perfect cup of coffee, and then you’ll ride off into the sunrise of East London or East Bushwick together.

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