What if the energy crisis gets so bad we’re all forced to plug our own bodies, Matrix-style, into the grid? Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner explores just that through a terrifying final project at Hassadah Academic College in Jerusalem.

She dreamt up a theoretical line of devices that could pull kinetic energy from blinking eyelids and blood flow, and built mock-ups using a 3D printer. Dubbed “a possible future of biological wealth” and paired with a trippy, Sigur Ros-scored video full of heavy breathing and dewy-eyed stares, it’s obviously an artistic concept designed to provoke debate, rather than represent current science (*wipes sweat from brow*).

But, as Kizhner told Fast Company, the science behind this stuff makes it possible now. Embedded technologies are actually real — or, at least, there are already plenty of prototypes out there — as are mind-controlled gadgets. So yeah, it’s art, but, as with all science fiction, such a world is not that far away.

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