Like we needed any more proof jellyfish are taking over the world! It was more than enough that they’re power plant vigilantes, strengthened by climate change, and capable of coming back from the dead. Now a jellyfish as big as a Smart Car washed onto a beach near Hobart, Tasmania, as if to warn us of our impending gooey deaths:


Josie Lim

Josie Lim and her family were chosen by our otherworldly visitors as hosts unlucky enough to find the creature while they were hanging out on the beach. It’s about five feet in diameter and a decadrillion feet in scary points, looking like nothing so much as spilled butterscotch pudding (or “a dinner plate with a mop hanging underneath,” according to jellyfish expert Dr. Lisa-Ann Gershwin).

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And if THAT doesn’t scare you, keep in mind that the world’s biggest jellyfish can be up to 10 feet across — the perfect size to wrap you up like a soggy human burrito.

According to the BBC, the species of jellyfish that the Lims found hasn’t even been classified yet. We suggest the classification “terrifying.”

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