As much as we love public transportation, we are less excited about touching other people. Apparently Siew Ming Cheng, the inventor of Spike Away, shares our distaste. FastCoExist explains:

Cheng thought to take on crowding on public transit. “In Singapore, usually during peak hours, the trains get pretty crowded,” Cheng says. “Everybody will push each other to try and get onto the train, hence the solution of: What if I wear a vest that is full of spikes?” Of course!

She made the vest out of spiky plastic “normally used to keep birds and cats away from plants,” FastCoExist reports. So, bonus: While you’re wearing it, birds probably will not eat you.

Fair warning, this product has not been road tested. It could definitely backfire if you piss off a fellow commuter by poking them one too many times and they punch you in your unprotected face.

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