Welcome back to Make Me Care, Grist’s low-fi foray into video blogging, in which we get our writers and editors to explain why their story of the week is worth your attention. This time, casual host and editorial intern Amelia Urry welcomes Grist food writer Nathanael Johnson to talk about his article on growing food in our high-carbon future. Forget all those skeptics claiming that CO2 will keep pumping up crop yields — new research from Harvard biologists suggests that these crops will be much lower in zinc and iron, which are essential for, er, human life.

Why should you care? Well, with not enough multivitamins to go around, we’ll need more food to feed the world — and with increased heat and droughts, it will probably be harder to grow. This should be a study even climate change deniers have a hard time turning down — have we defeated the Flat Earth Society once and for all? Watch the video to hear more!

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