Back in a dark season of 2011, a mean cat tried to eat this squirrel. She was rescued by Louisiana native Shyla Mouton, who named her “Winkelhimer Smith,” because a person named “Shyla Mouton” has clearly got skewed ideas about what names are normal. And now she’s dealing with her trauma from the experience through squirrel art.

Winkelhimer is disabled, which is a not unsurprising result of a meeting between a squirrel and a cat. But did she just curl up and say, that’s it, all I’m going to do for the rest of my squirrel life is store nuts in my cheeks and be pissed? No. Winkelhimer learned to paint. And what a good painter she is. Behold. Oh, and enjoy her human mom (we think you’ll be able to tell she’s not a squirrel by her voice) cheering her on!

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This one has a little more background on Winkelhimer’s early career, and some of her other hobbies (eating paintbrushes):