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You’ve seen these images before — beaming young people cruise in a convertible, plunge into a pool in revealing swimwear, and dance at a dimly lit (yet somehow colorful) party.

By channeling these carefree cliches, reusable bottle brand Bobble created a parody ad that draws attention to the dumb phenomenon we are greeted by at vending machines, backyard barbecues, and more: the single-use plastic water bottle.

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Bobble’s spoof markets a fake brand of bottled water called “Once.” As the camera pans over scenes of people causally littering and golfing a bottle off the side of a mountain, a voiceover provides an ominous motto:

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Once never thinks back, never looks ahead. Once knows the world’s just a theme park that closes tomorrow. That’s why we drink tomorrow, today. No consequences, no regrets. Someone else can clean up our mess.

Over 50 billion water bottles are used per year in the U.S., most of which end up in the dump. And thanks to reusable water bottles or good old-fashioned cups, it’s easy to meet our hydration needs sans Dasani and Aquafina. The ad makes disposable water containment vessels out to be a fading trend — and we can only hope that’s the case.

And in the meantime, I’ve got news for you, marketing industry: Millennials are getting tired of carpe diem and YOLO.

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