The Gypsy Junker needs to go. Builder Derek “Deek” Diedricksen has other uses in mind for his yard; he wants to build a house boat and a tiny house on wheels. And so, for just $1,200, someone will walk away with this best (and quite possibly tiniest) of tiny houses.

It has an impressive pedigree, the Huffington Post reports:

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The home has been featured in the New York Times’ Home & Garden section and the Boston Globe for its remarkable size and construction. It’s primarily made of repurposed goods such as shipping pallets, a washing machine and kitchen cabinets.

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The structure weighs about 800 pounds and has a sleep platform that doubles as a desk. Not to mention it has survived two hurricanes in the three years since it was built.

It’s 32 square feet, which means paying $37.50 per square foot. Who wants to pitch in and buy this for Grist List? We’ll use it as our new office. Here, take a tour:


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