Coke, speed, MDMA — so yesterday. The new black market score is local, organic Brussels sprouts.

Sister Julie Newman and other nuns at the Dominican Farm and Ecology Center in Wicklow, Ireland, have been growing organic Brussels sprouts to sell at local farmers markets — no small feat, as the veggies take two years to mature. But last week, thieves broke into the convent’s garden and stripped out the sprouts, stalks and all. According to the Independent, the haul was worth about $412:

The theft was deliberate, according to [Newman], and she believes the sprouts will now be sold as high-end organic produce for the Christmas market …

“We would have the odd bit of pilfering of potatoes and onions, but this was deliberate. It wasn’t just someone looking for a few vegetables for their dinner.”

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For shame! Steal from God and you’re gonna get smote. (Or at least get your daily dose of vitamin C and sulforaphane.)

As it turns out, Newman and her sisters are seriously into sustainability. Check out this video about the convent and its organic garden if you like nuns or lilting Irish accents:

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