New York City has a simple system for keeping tabs on subway conductors: At every station, they have to point a sign to show they’ve arrived and are paying attention. It improves safety and efficiency overall, but it’s also a bit boring and silly for the conductors themselves. So two wonderful people, Yosef Lerner and Rose Sacktor, decided to hack this system to give these hardworking folks a little joy.

It was simple. They made signs like “Point here if: You have seen a passenger naked.” “Point here if: You’re not wearing pants right now.” Then they held them up under the checkpoint sign. The subway conductors HAD to point — and they had to laugh. Here are the results:


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Here’s the rest of the list:

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Point here if:
You are dead sexy
You have taken a selfie while driving
Shoot the target with your laser finger [bullseye]
You still love Thomas The Tank Engine
Snape kills Dumbledore
The 2nd Ave Subway is a lie
NY is the greatest city in the world

We’d point to that last one. Sometimes it is.